Loops is a complete marketing communications solutions provider and is known as the leader in Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka. Based in Colombo, the agency works with a wide and varied client base that includes both local and foreign giants.

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IT Development Services

Social Media Apps

Social Media is probably the most effective way that brands can interact with, influence consumers, and generate leads, particularly because of the seemingly personal nature of such interactions. Our Development Team creates exciting social media & web apps like games, quizzes, tools and other quirky novelties, which are great for reaching out to consumers and making an impression.

Website Development

A website is a Brand’s key presence in the digital space. We enjoy creating websites that are fun and easy to use with accessible content and the ability to captivate visitors. A great website also serves to enhance brand presence and perception.

Mobile Application Development

Almost everyone has a smart device today and this provides an excellent opportunity for brands to communicate and interact with consumers directly, almost face-to-face and mobile apps provide the interface required. Using a mobile app, brands can communicate with consumers and receive valuable feedback while appearing to genuinely care.

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